Facts about Fats

A well kept secret

For too long Rapeseed and its wholesome properties has been a well kept secret. Rapeseed is actually something of an ancient crop having been grown by the Romans before gaining popularity across Europe from the Middle Ages, prized as it was for its gentle and versatile properties.

In case you don't know what Brassica Napus looks like (that's Rapeseed to you and me), look no further than the swaying fields of bright yellow flowers that scatter the fields in Spring. If you look closely by the way and keep your ears open, you may well spot an awful lot of bees and other insects buzzing around the flowers and that’s because rapeseed pollen is a major food source for them in the spring. At Fussels we have hives in several locations.

A better oil option

Ever since the earliest days Rapeseed has been valued for its natural health giving properties. It remains today a natural and better oil option because it is so low in saturated fat, and high in Omega 3, making it an excellent choice for anyone trying to reduce their cholesterol levels and follow a healthier lifestyle.

Importance of Extra Virgin, cold pressed and fresh oil

To ensure that we hold in all the goodness and the natural flavours of the oil, we only make extra virgin oil. That means that we only ever cold press our seed, and it is pressed but once and we add nothing. We also only use seed that we have grown so you be confident in it’s provenance and quality and we ensure that we keep to a minimum the amount of oil that we store. That means that when the bottled oil leaves the farm, it is always fresh. The result is a pure and simple Somerset oil, with a delightful nutty flavour just as nature intended.

Nutritional breakdown of Fussels Rapeseed Oil

Typical Values per 100g
Energy 3663 kj (891 kcal)
Fat 99.3g
...of which saturates 7.0g
Monounsaturates 65.4g
(Omega 9 Oleic acid) 65.0g
Polyunsaturates 27.8g
(Omega 3 Alpha - Linoelic acid) 9.1g
(Omega 6 Linolenic Oil) 18.3g
Vitamin E 20mg

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