Rapeseed Oil

Fussels Mix & Match - 3 for £10

With Fussels rapeseed oil, you can be assured of the quality because we nurture, single cold press and bottle our extra virgin oil on the farm. That means it's local, fresh and comes with a reduced carbon footprint, which also makes for an interesting comparison to olive oil.

Luxury Rapeseed Oil Gift Box (3 x 100ml)


Fussels Taster Set (6 x 100ml)


Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Gift Box (3 x 100ml)


Garlic Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


Smoked Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


Truffle Oil 250ml


Sicilian Lemon Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


Sicilian Lemon Rapeseed Oil 250ml


Chilli Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)