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Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
Fussels Best Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil in South West on Display
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil Banana Bread
Andy Holding Our Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

    Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil 500ml

      Presenting Our Award-Winning Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil...

      Our Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is the obvious choice for you! This beautiful oil has a slightly nutty flavour, perfect for carrying flavour rather than dominating like an olive oil can. We promise that once you open your eyes to the joys of rapeseed, you won't look back.

      We enjoy every minute of the nurturing of our Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil, from seed to bottle. Once harvested, we store the black seed pearls before releasing their golden treasure by single cold pressing it on the farm to produce an Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil of the highest quality. This is why it is a fantastic and obvious choice as your everyday cooking oil for several important reasons:

      Compared to olive oil, our Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil...

      1. Has half the saturated fat.
      2. Has 10 x the essential fatty acid Omega 3.
      3. Cooks to a higher temperature, making it a more versatile cooking oil.


      It complements the flavour of your food. As we store the seed, not the oil, what we bottle and sell as Fussels single Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is always fresh. Our oil is grown by us on the farm, so you can be sure of what it is, where it comes from and that it is always of the highest quality.


      British Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (100%)


      Nutritional Information
      Typical values:      g/100g
      Energy      3722kJ / 905kcal
      Total Fat      99.5g
      Of which saturates      7.3g
      Mono-unsaturates      62.5g
      Poly-unsaturates      28.8g
      Total Carbohydrates      < 0.1g
      Of which sugars      < 0.1g
      Protein      < 0.1g
      Salt      < 0.1g
      Omega 3      9.5g
      Omega 6      18.8g
      Omega 9      60.6g

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Edna Morris
      Thank you for your help

      You replaced my bottles really quickly. Thanks so much

      Margaret Gambier.
      Review originally collected on Trustpilot

      Love this rapeseed oil. Treated my daughter to a bottle for her family to sample too.

      Lynne Poulton
      Review originally collected on Trustpilot

      I just love the Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil. It ticks all my requirement boxes. As well as the health properties and versatility, I love using it for roast potatoes. They come out beautifully crispy and the oil doesn't burn on the roasting pan. Makes light work of washing the pan afterwards.

      Review originally collected on Trustpilot

      Top quality and price

      Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

      Pure extra virgin rapeseed from my farm, simply a better oil for your cooking.


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