Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Gift Box (3 x 100ml)

    Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Gift Box (3 x 100ml)


      Our new Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Gift Box contains three 100ml bottles of our most popular oils within the Fussels range.  This mini gift box might be small, but the infused oils inside are packed with BIG flavour.

      The Gift Box contains:

      • Chilli Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
        Infused with natural chilli essence, this produces a beautifully hot oil, perfect for drizzling over pizzas, or adding a warmth to a dish without being overpowering.
      • Garlic Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
        When you're looking to add garlic flavour to a dish or dressing, but don't want the hassle of peeling garlic, look no further than our garlic infused rapeseed oil.
      • Smoked Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
        Naturally infused with oak smoked flavour, from sitting in the smoke.  Perfect when cooking with meats, fish and vegetables.  Makes great dressings too!

      The Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Gift Box will make a perfect gift for a foodie and is great way to introduce your family and friends to the wonders of cold-pressed rapeseed oil, which is grown, pressed, infused and bottled in Somerset.

        Additional Information:

        • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
        • Pack Dimensions - H15.5 x W14 x D4 (cms).
        • Pack Weight - 705g (approx).
        • Allergen Information - Allergen free.  Gluten free.


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