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Fussels Gourmet Barbeque | Vegan Style


Thursday 25th of July 2019 | 5:30pm to 8pm

Flavour packed burgers, vibrant veggies; meat-eater or not it’s no secret that brits love a BBQ.

Why Vegan? As a lot of our products are vegan and vegetarian friendly, we want to explore this way of cooking. Veganism or plant based diets are a fast emerging food trend for a number of different reasons, but vegan food really is for everyone whether you're vegan or not!

We want to help you get the most out of your veg, and give you a taste of a barbeque you may never have thought of trying before, and the knowledge of how to easily recreate it for your family and friends at your own barbeque.

You’ll be able to watch the dishes being prepared and cooked right in front of you on the barbie. Assuming the weather will be on our side we are planning to make it a proper barbeque and hold the event outdoors in the sunshine (fingers crossed), however we have planned for the potential of a downpour.

Take home the knowledge and inspiration to try something a little different in the kitchen. Come to Fussels HQ and enjoy a live demonstration of how to put together your very own vegan barbeque.

Want to come? Full details below:

The demonstration will begin at 6pm, so please arrive from 5:30pm.

You'll get a packed black bean and tofu burger, topped with tomato, avocado, cheese, aubergine bacon and lettuce; a watermelon, cucumber and mint salad and a wonderful Pineapple and dairy free ice cream dessert. All of which will be made in front of you (except the ice cream to avoid melting) and cooked on the barbeque!

At the end of the demonstration, you’ll be free to mingle and finish your food and you will also be given a take home pack, containing the recipe you watched come to life, along with some extras from Fussels.

All for just £18 per person, including a glass of bubbly or a soft drink!