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Organic Dairy Free Chocolate by As Raw As


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Organic Dairy Free Raw Chocolate made only with Delicious & Nutritious Natural Ingredients. Handmade in Somerset

Two packs, 1 x Orange & Mulberry and 1 x Raspberry & Beetroot.

Each pack contains five discs of chocolate.

Orange & Mulberry (Made with our 70% chocolate) Ingredients:
Raw Criolla Cacao Butter*, Raw Criolla Cacao Mass*, Unrefined Raw Coconut Sugar*, Lucuma*, Inulin*, Orange Buckwheaties*, (Sprouted Buckwheat Groats,* Turmeric*, Fresh Orange Juice*, Maple Syrup*) Orange Extract*, Mulberries*, Orange Zest*, Zylitol*, Himalyan Pink Salt

Raspberry & Beetroot (Made with our 80% dark chocolate) Ingredients:
Criolla Raw Cacao Butter*, Criolla Raw Cacao Paste*, Criolla Raw Cacao Paste*, Unrefined Coconut Sugar*, Beetroot Powder*, Air Dried Raspberry Powder, Raspberry Extract*, Goji Berries, Freeze Dried Raspberry Crumble*, Himalayan Pink Salt

*organically sourced and vegan friendly