Best Cooking Oil in UK

Some of you may already know how good my rapeseed is, that it’s a fresh single cold pressed, extra virgin version, produced from start to finish on my farm. I’m very proud of it, and it’s the best and healthiest vegetable oil that I know.

From farmer to cooking oil supplier

I have grown rapeseed for year and have become convinced of the merits of the Rapeseed oil UK concept. So why not grow the seed and produce the oil on the farm for everyone to enjoy? It’s a fantastic, versatile healthy alternative to the usual imports, especially the Fussels version.

More than just rapeseed oil

I soon developed a range of complimentary product types including; chilli and garlic oils, dressings, mayonnaises and sauce, all of which we like to think are the best in class. Quality ingredients, excellent prices and a determination to spread the word about Fussels, means we have many happy customers and suppliers.

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Rapeseed Vs Olive Oil





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