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Great value on our extra virgin rapeseed oil cans!
Saving of 22% (was £44.99)

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Fussels rapeseed oil recipes
A taste of the west country

Halloumi Salad with Dukkah | Rapeseed oil

Halloumi Salad with Dukkah

Dukkah is a great spice mix to have in your cupboard and can be served just with oil and crusty bread, but also works well as a salad, with fish or chicken, and as a soup topping. Here we are serving it with a halloumi salad.

Garlic Oil 250ml Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil 500ml
View recipe
  • Prep 20 mins
  • Cooking 5 mins
  • Serves2 Adults
Fresh Potato Gnocchi with Nduja | Rapeseed oil

Fresh Potato Gnocchi with Nduja

A warming lunch or supper!

Garlic Oil 250ml
View recipe
  • Prep 60 mins
  • Cooking 60 mins
  • Serves4 Adults

Andy Unleashed

Planting Rapeseed - Autumn '17

Andy and Shaun planting 2018 seasons rapeseed in Autumn '17.

17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

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19 Aug 2019

Celebrating Harvest - The Final

What beautiful summer days we have been enjoying; I have loved seeing the crops gradually ripen and the verges change.

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